How to Merge MP3 Songs into a Single Track?

While we see so many people with their earphones tucked in the ears most of the time we can guess that these days everyone would have a little know-how of merging audio tracks into a single MP3 for the sake of convenience.


How to Merge MP3 Songs into a Single Track


Why do we need MP3 merger software?


Although a person who wants to cut or join different audio clips is not always a DJ and doesn’t necessarily possess the skills or software to get any kind of results and this is where MP3 merger software comes in. Merging software can help you with a lot of things which seem impossible to accomplish for a newbie.

Why do we need MP3 merger software


An MP3 merger can seriously come in handy for a person who is not a techie but still needs to make things work without any prior knowledge of such work. For example, if you want to make a mixtape in the modern world you can just merge a bunch of songs of your choice into one audio file hence creating one tape or you can form a custom audio file with only selected parts of some songs and form a medley. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to navigate through and can help you become a pro as you go along.

Miscellaneous benefits


There are other potential uses of MP3 merger software too you can convert your audio files into any audio formats using MP3 merger software for example, if you have your old music collection lying around on DVDs you can easily convert it to MP3 for listening on your Android or IOS devices, although not every MP3 merger can do that. You can also take multiple files having different audio formats and convert them into a single MP3 file.


Miscellaneous benefits


You can also use it to reduce the file size of large audio files by reducing their quality and audio bitrate. Talking about audio quality a myth can be debunked here; some people think that quality of an audio file can be increased similarly but that not the case, a slight improvement in quality can be made but the audio bitrate remains the same as the source file.

Recommended software for Merging MP3 songs


In fact various MP3 merging software tools are available in the market for merging audios however we suggest the one here which is easy to use and is completely free.


Recommended software for Merging MP3 songs


Free Merge MP3 is the software which offers you everything you need in one single package and it is a must-have if you are looking for some audio work and lack experience. Free Merge MP3 is a breeze to work with and the extremely friendly interface makes it possible to just glide through the process even if someone is using it for the first time. Everything is very well laid out and you can find what you are looking for easily.

Free Merge MP3 also doubles as an audio converter courtesy of its ability to work with various popular audio formats. It is a batch converter and this gives it an edge over other such software.
After you have downloaded the setup all you need is to just install Free Merge MP3. It will make a desktop shortcut from where you can open it whenever you need it. Although it is pretty simple to use here is the detailed procedure laid down step by step.

Stepwise Procedure for Merging Audios


1.  Loading the media into software

To load the audio files you can also use the drag and drop feature which I personally prefer because it makes getting started easier especially when you are in the folder containing the source files. The add files option is a bit finicky and hard to navigate because of the small interface, although this is true of all software there is only so much room to work with. You can also copy the files you want to be merged and paste them into the software’s window and that will work too it will pick them up and you can start right away.

2.  Sorting the audio files in the desired order

Now you can adjust the merging order by dragging the files up or down according to the sequence you want in the output. There is no specific button to do so because you can simply grab a loaded file and position it among the list.

Here is a pictorial guide for the steps that one has to go through while dealing with Free Merge MP3:


Sorting the audio files in the desired order


3. Format of merged file

Free Merge MP3 allows you to deal with a lot of file formats. The “Export Format” dropdown menu has almost all the well-known audio formats and you can select them from here before the final step.

4. Settings

It is possible that sometimes one might not care about output quality compared to the size of the merged audio file. Hence you can customize the output quality and play around with bitrate in the “settings”. You can also choose between variable bitrate and constant which is really a lot of value considering the software is free.

5. Final Step – “Merge”

After putting everything in order, click the merge button to start the merging process. It will take a few seconds and the software will get a single file ready for you to use as per your requirement. The resulting file will be stored in the target folder which is usually named as “output” or “out”. The output folder can be set if you haven’t already set one. After you click “Merge” it’s going to prompt you to set an output directory where all your merged or converted files will be delivered.


Download Free Merge MP3


So, that’s the long and short of it. Hopefully, it was up to par and you found the walkthrough Free Merge MP3 for merging songs into a single track, useful.

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